Weatherstone West 2020 2020 Sign & Trash Letter

2020 Sign & Trash Letter

Weatherstone West Homeowners Association


Hello homeowners! We hope you and your family are doing well. We have several important reminders and notices, so please read through everything below and contact a board member if you have questions.


Several homeowners have contacted the board regarding yard signs at several homes in the neighborhood.  Per HOA rules, Section II, Provision 1: “No signs or billboards of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any lot …”  If you have a sign in front of your home, we ask that you kindly remove it. Thank you for being respectful of our neighborhood and the rules we have in place. 


Numerous residents have requested we all use a single trash company for the entire neighborhood, which would provide the following benefits:

  • Fewer trucks means less wear and tear on the streets and less noise and congestion.
  • A more attractive neighborhood, since bins would only be out one day per week.
  • A group rate means everyone saves money.

After careful consideration, the HOA Board recommends all Weatherstone West Homeowners switch to Constable Sanitation.  They offer trash, recycling, and yard waste bins, with weekly service on Thursdays.  Trash only is $19 per month (and billed quarterly). Trash, Recycling, and Year-Round Yard Waste is $25 per month. Their rate includes two containers and a 3rd can be requested for a one-time cost of $50.  Full details and sign-up form is available at:  or call (816) 204-1192.

Why Constable? Pat Browning, WWHOA Treasurer, researched our subdivision’s trash service providers and the board feels Constable offers the best options, with the lowest rates.

  • AAA Disposal — Trash with container = $20 month; recycle with container = $10 additional each month; yard waste = $10 additional each month and you must use their lawn bags, costing $40 for 20 bags
  • Constable Sanitation — Trash with container = $19 per month; recycle with container = $2 additional each month; yard waste with container = $4 additional each month.  For all three services = $25 per month for two containers.  If a third container is requested, they require a $50 one month deposit.  If we can get 80% participation within our subdivision, the cost for all three services is $22.50 per month.
  • Lie’s Trash Service — Trash with container = $16 per month; recycle with container = $4 additional each month; yard waste with container = $6 additional each month.
  • WCA Waste — Many of us use WCA because they bought out a previous local company.  Their prices and provisions have changed!  They no longer provide containers for trash or yard waste.  If the container you currently have gets damaged, it will not be replaced.  Trash with container and yard waste with container = $33.94 monthly.



Several new homeowners have moved into our subdivision in 2020; please greet them!

  • Trent Smith & Kailee Lembke           1408 NW Wildwood Drive
  • Jay May                                               1613 NW 18th Street
  • Andy & Shelly Spiegal                       1606 NW Weatherstone Lane
  • John & Jazmin Bagley                        1502 NW Weatherstone Lane


  • Mailbox stands have gone through a major renovation!  Hopefully you are pleased with these repairs and improvements.  Many thanks to David Blair for doing this work!  If you have any issues with your mailbox, please contact the HOA board at
  • Please remember, per HOA rules, Vehicles and Trailers cannot be regularly parked on the street. This includes overnight parking. Vehicles must be parked in the garage or driveway.
  • Please slow down and be careful. We have a number of children in the neighborhood, including several new families… so look twice – there may now be children playing in places they weren’t previously!


If you don’t already have an account on our website, send your name and email address to:  If you have ideas and suggestions, or are willing to help with the Homeowners Association, we’d love to hear from you!

  • HOA Website: where you can
    • view current board members & contact information
    • view contact information for neighbors, pay annual dues, submit requests for approval when making exterior changes, and view Bylaws & Rules (covenants & restrictions).
  • Facebook Public Page: Be sure to Like and Follow us in order to connect with neighbors, stay up-to-date, and get details on upcoming activities & events.
  • Facebook Private Group: This is a private Facebook group for homeowners. It’s your space to ask questions, share ideas, and communicate with other homeowners.

Thank you for making our neighborhood a nice, friendly, beautiful, clean and safe place to live.