Weatherstone West HOA Bylaws


By Laws (2013 vs)

These Bylaws are an updated version of the original set that was recorded in 1986. You have the distinction of residing in one of the finest residential areas in the Blue Springs district. This is due in part because of the forethought of the developer, who wanted to assure that our neighborhood would be a desirable place in which to live and raise our families. It was the developer’s intent to assure property owners that the homes and the activities that take place here would uphold the dignity of this area, and for that reason restrictions were incorporated with the development of the land. This handout was produced by the Weatherstone West Homeowners Association to help you understand the protection that is built into the restrictions, and to be a ready guide to you, the homeowner and resident of Weatherstone West. This handout is not a legal interpretation, but is intended to provide guidance and understanding. A legal copy of the restrictions should be attached to your property deed.


The following restrictions were originally drawn up by the developer of Weatherstone West, and incorporated into the deeds of each of the properties in Weatherstone West. The purpose was to control activities which could detract from the value of our homes.
Covenants & Restrictions WWHOA
It is the hope of your Weatherstone West Homeowners Association that homeowners keep this point in mind. It is the responsibility and prime duty of your association to help protect your property and maintain its beauty as well as its value. Please read these restrictions and work with your association to keep Weatherstone West a desirable subdivision. While the association does have legal recourse, such action is least desirable and does not promote the harmony and respect that the Weatherstone West development and Homeowners Association is seeking. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call or contact any one of the association board members, and we will be happy to assist you.

Use of Land

Construction: Weatherstone West development is a residential development only. All development is limited to single family residences. Construction of single family residences must be completed within 6 months of the initial start date. All construction must adhere to plat setback lines. No structure can be resided in until complete. All structures shall be erected on that site, and no structure can be moved from another location to a site in Weatherstone West.

Temporary Structures: No trailer, basement, tent, shack, garage, barn or any other outbuilding may be erected and or used as a residence, storage, or tool shed on either a temporary or permanent basis.

Miscellaneous Structures: The restrictions do not permit the installation of permanent clothesline, trash burner, or above ground swimming pool. Fences are permitted; however, plans for fences must be submitted for approval by the Homeowners Association. Chain link fences are not allowed. TV antennas must be attached to the home and may not extend more that 5 feet above the highest part of the structure.

Animals: The restrictions limit animals to household pets such as dogs and cats, and there can be no more than two. These must be kept on and confined to the owner’s lot.

Vehicles:  Vehicles are limited to residential vehicles only. Trucks are limited to 3/4 ton in size. School buses, tractors, unmounted campers, trailers, unlicensed or inoperable or partially disassembled automobiles or other motor vehicles or trailers cannot be regularly parked or stored in the open on the lot or at the curb. Temporary parking for the purpose of maintenance, or packing and unpacking, is limited to a maximum of 12 hours at any one time. Recreational vehicles must be parked at the rear of the dwelling.

Homeowners Activities: No noxious or offensive trade or activity, which is offensive or could become offensive or an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood, shall be carried on upon any lot.

Home Improvements – Structure Additions

Exterior Structure Changes & Painting: The restrictions do provide for owner improvements to homes. However, all changes must receive approval by the Homeowners Association prior to commencement of these activities. This includes, but is not limited to, erection of walls, fences, tennis courts, outbuildings, swimming pools, room additions, roof replacement and/or roof line changes, decks, patios, painting and repainting of the structure. If reconstruction of a primary residence damaged by fire, storm or other adversity is intended, the restrictions specify same size and materials stipulations which should be included in proposed plans, or justification for a variance should be detailed. A resident wishing to erect an outbuilding for the purpose of housing swimming pool filtration equipment or other storage space may seek approval by submitting a request to the Homeowners Association.

Approval Mechanisms: Approval of improvements as described above is obtained by submitting plans or specifications, color schemes, plot plan and grading plan or other information satisfactory to the Homeowners Association. The association, in considering the proposed changes will take into account the suitability of the proposed building or surroundings, both natural, and constructed, and whether or not such construction conflicts with other restrictions of Weatherstone West. All approvals or denials will be made in writing within thirty (30) days of receipt. Should that time frame pass without response, the request will automatically be approved.

Fences: All fences are to be approved by the Homeowners association prior to installation. The approval mechanism is the same as that outlined previously. No fence will be permitted to extend beyond the rear of the house line of the installing residence.

Preservation of Natural Surroundings: No construction of walls, fences or any other obstruction will be permitted where the flow of storm water would be obstructed. Trees, shrubbery, grade or contour changes will likewise be denied where storm water runoff would be subsequently impeded. Homeowners who’s property includes all or a portion of the open drainage swale, channel or detention basin shall be responsible for the mowing of grass and removal of debris or obstructions to the flow of water in, or through, such facilities.

Signs, Billboards, Miscellaneous Provisions: Signage is limited to real estate for sale signs only and is limited in size to one square foot. Vendor signage, other than warning/safety signs is prohibited. The Weatherstone West Homeowners Association is charged with the responsibility of maintaining adherence to these restrictions and covenants. In that authority, the association has the right to sue for, and obtain an injunction, prohibitive or mandatory, to prevent the breach of, or enforce the observance of these restrictions.

Changing the Restrictions: The residents have the power to change these restrictions to be more responsive to their needs. It is up to the Board of the Homeowners Association to establish a process to handle such requests.

Getting Help with a Problem: If you have a question about a restriction, please contact one of the board members. They are very willing to work with you.